Skin Organics Olive Eye Cream

I love olives!  Any size, shape or color.  And because I adore them so much, I decided to try them on my skin.  I’ve recently discovered a ‘natural’ skin care line called “Skin Organics” that makes an olive-based eye cream.  There are several things I like about this product besides the fact that it is olive-infused.  First off, the ingredients are organic and fair-trade certified.  Secondly, it’s pH balanced at 5.86, unscented and contains no nasty parabens.  Lastly, this slim tube of loveliness does triple-duty!  It restores collagen, reduces puffiness and eliminates dark circles.  The Skin Organics line was developed by Austin-based Esthetician, Ann Webb, who envisioned a product line that was affordable, simple to use and contained the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available.  Compared to other ‘organic’ skin care lines, Skin Organics Olive Eye Cream is reasonably priced and I love the results I’ve seen in just one month.  It absorbs well ~ so easy to use under concealer.  Available at for 31.99/1 oz.  Also available at Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmer’s Market and Sunflower Farmer’s Market

Compare to-Suki Eye Lift Cellular Renewal Cream, $53.95 for 0.5 oz.

The Bottom Line-a smart buy compared to other, pricier organic eye creams (all in the price range of $48.00-$58.00.)  Best of all, it works!