L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup

I’ve read several reviews of this foundation with varying degrees of affection. According to some users, the jury’s still out … 

My experience, however, has been quite different.  I found love at first application!  Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation wooed me with it’s flawless coverage, without having to use a lot of product.  It’s not like other foundations, with it’s unique texture, like mousse (jello, really).  The formula is dreamy-soft and gives an overall natural, lightweight, matte finish. 

I simply apply it with my fingertips, but a sponge or foundation brush can be used.  I have normal-to-dry skin and found I didn’t need powder to finish the look (it’s fairly matte on it’s own).  There are 12 shades, I used #522 Natural Beige (a nice mid-tone shade, not too warm~not too pink).  Oilier skins may not appreciate this formula, as it’s got a silicone base, which can feel too slick for that skin type.  This foundation does NOT contain an SPF, so make sure to use one underneath! 

The packaging is pretty, too.  L’Oreal spared no expense on the weighty, square-shaped glass jar and fuschia-colored lid (though kind of heavy in a suitcase for travelers like myself).  I found it fairly easy to match my skin tone to the foundation shade and got the right color the first time!  Buy it at Target for $13.99.

Compare to – It seems this is a unique foundation formula.  I can’t find a ‘prestige’ or department store equivalent. Let me know if you can suggest one.

The Bottom Line – A little pricier than other drugstore foundations, but as L’Oreal says, “I’m worth it!”