Borghese Professional Brush Set

Brushes for a makeup artist are what a hammer and nail are to a carpenter – tools of the trade!  Without them, our work is compromised.  But good makeup brushes can be pricey, until now.  I have found an affordable set of high-quality brushes at none other than your local Costco!

Costco and Borghese have partnered together to bring beauty products to Costco customers for up to 85% less than the Borghese products sold at Bloomingdales.  This set of 10 full-size brushes includes 5 face brushes and 5 for the eyes.  I love the big kabuki brush, great for bronzer!  As is the case with most sets, some of the brushes are made of natural hair (the fluffy face and eye brushes), some are synthetic (concealer and foundation), and there’s even one duo-fiber brush for blending (looks like MAC’s Duo Fiber Face Brush).  Synthetic brushes are typically used with liquid and cream products and don’t absorb the product like natural hairs would.   The brush handles are long (as opposed to shorter, travel-sized handles), well-weighted and easy to work with.  This set even comes with a pretty brush bag. 

I’d recommend washing the brushes before using them.  Try baby shampoo in luke warm water –  swirl, rinse well and lay flat to dry.  Some shedding is normal. Available at Costco for $30.00

Compare to – Sephora Collection, 6 brushes and case for $60.00 

The Bottom Line – for less than a MAC Duo Fiber Face Brush you can have 10 brushes!  Do the math!