Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

“Tanning and pantyhose are so yesterday”, states the Sally Hansen website and I couldn’t agree more!  So, when faced with the dilemma of wearing pantyhose or baring my pale, spider-veined legs to the world, I sought out leg makeup. 

It all started when, about a month ago, I bought a new dress and shoes for a fancy charity event I was attending with my Husband.  When I tried on my new purchase and proudly modeled it for my Husband, his response was “and…you’re wearing pantyhose with that dress, right?”  YIKES!  What’s a ‘pantyhose-hating, fake-tan fearing’ girl to do?

Enter “Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs” spray-on leg makeup.  It’s amazingly easy to use and gives the legs an instantly-smooth, even tone and light veil of color (just like pantyhose).  This product claims to cover freckles, veins and imprefections.  I don’t have freckles, but it defintely covered spider veins and small scars. 

It also claims to be water and transfer resistant.  It is!  How do I know this?  In order to test the wearability, I didn’t I shower for 2 days after I applied it.  I can honestly say, it lives up to it’s claim!  No rub-off on my clothes, bed sheets (or Husband, for that matter).  It stayed perfectly put until I showered.

It’s easy enough to apply, too!  Just spray the product into your hands, then apply to the legs like lotion.  It moves easily, until it dries (allow 60 seconds) – then it’s in place for the long haul. I purchased “Medium Glow” which is for light to medium skin tones (I would say more on the medium-toned side) and it gave my legs a bit of a bronzey-color.  I probably could’ve gone with the lightest shade, “Light Glow” and it would’ve looked more like ‘nude’ pantyhose.  Sally Hansen offers this product in 5 shades (look for the NEW, Enhanced Coverage version), a nice range of fair to a deep-bronzey, brown skin tone.  One word of caution, use this product only where it’s intended for – the LEGS!  Not to be used on the face!  Available at Ulta for $12.49.

Compare to – Dermablend Leg and Body Cover, $27.00

The Bottom Line – Bare legs are nice, but “Airbrush Legs” are irresistable!