About Melissa

Having achieved success as a businesswoman, makeup artist and cosmetics mastermind, Melissa Grey Satterfield prefers to think of herself as a “self-professed beauty product aficionado”.

A recognized trailblazer in the cosmetics industry, Melissa has more than 19 years of experience in the beauty arena, which started with Macy’s West where she developed her makeup artistry skills with Prescriptives and Borghese.  Shortly thereafter she joined Merle Norman Cosmetics and was able to combine her inherent feel for color with her dynamic presentation skills by acting as the spokesperson for the brand whether presenting to the Beauty Editors in New York City or on high-profile television show.  Melissa went on to support the marketing department in all phases of color cosmetic product development, from concept to production, during her tenure at Merle Norman Cosmetics.  She also conducted advanced makeup artistry and product knowledge seminars for Merle Norman throughout the U.S. and Canada, and has written and starred in numerous makeup artistry and color collection educational videos.

Motivated to expand her palate in the beauty industry, Melissa subsequently joined AVEDA Services West.  Extensively qualified, she started as a regional makeup artist/retail specialist, and then eventually went on to become an AVEDA Educator, working with the brand for over three years.

Through her experience with major beauty brands and her work as a prominent makeup artist, she has enhanced the faces of females at an array of photo shoots, weddings, beauty pageants and fashion shows.  Her work has adorned the covers of magazines and has been seen on TV with a huge focus on the ‘everyday’ woman;  Melissa remains in touch with audiences through monthly quotes in women’s and lifestyle publications.  She is sharp and extremely color/fashion savvy – spending her spare time combing drugstores and reading beauty and fashion magazines.

Early in her career, Melissa adopted a love for working with the ‘everyday’ woman, and that desire to help regular people reveals itself with the launch of her website, thebeautybargainhunter.com which features mass-market beauty products from an array of drugstores, Target, Walmart and Ulta.  Unlike prestige beauty products, samples of drugstore products are not readily available, and that’s where Melissa comes in, taking the guess work out of buying drugstore beauty products.  The site features product reviews in four categories – skin care, color cosmetics, bath & body and hair care – all budget-friendly products!

Melissa is also a featured beauty editor on examiner.com, LA edition.  She lives in the Los Angeles area with her Husband and enjoys outdoor activities and the beach.